Designer Spotlight- Brenda Hurd

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

Must Have Scrapbook Supply? Alpha Stickers and Patterned paper - I have issues with hoarding both of these - its so easy to buy and so hard to let go!

When & Why did you start scrapbooking? My husband (boyfriend back then) went on an LDS mission. He sent home lots and lots of pictures and so I started a scrapbook for him and then never stopped after that.

Guilty Pleasures...A Diet Dr. Pepper in the freezer so it gets just a little slushy, Tootsie Rolls, sneaking in the bathroom to read my scrapbook magazines, making cookies just so I can eat the dough!

Two things you want very badly at this moment? A Sillhoutte - I don't own any die cut machines at all - I think this one would be fun. And right now - at this moment - I havn't had my dr. pepper yet, so that sounds yummy!

3 items that are in your purse..Sunglass's (great place to get broken), Cell Phone, Lip gloss

Favorite Scrapbook Technique/ or Style? I love to distress, whether its just roughing up the edges of the paper or inking everything - love it.

When do you feel most creative? After my kids go to bed - I can't even think while they are running around - my scrapbook light turns on at about 8 PM and then I can't wait to get them down.

Do you snack while you scrapbook? If so what? NOPE- I've had a bowl of cereal (I know- not very smart) end up all over one of my layouts and I've learned not to eat while I scrap. I've had sticky tootsie roll fingers ruin pictures too.

Do you have a scrapbook confession? That I do it WAY to much - but some how don't have enough time to do all I want.

Favorite Tv Shows? Bachelor (very bad addiction), Greys, Biggest Loser

Jobs you've had? I worked on an assembly line at IOMEGA when I was 16, got a job in the mortgage industry when I was 18 and have done that ever since.

What are you listening to right now? Monsters inc. Baylee is having some quiet time.


Lori Gentile June 29, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

Loved reading your answers, Brenda. I love your page and the crazy stitching work! Awesome!

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