Guest Designer's Space: Melissa Elsner

>> Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello there! Good to "see" you again! Did you drop by yesterday? If not, go there. Now! Our guest designer Melissa Elsner shared two gorgeous layouts with us. And today, she's sharing her workspace and telling us a bit how she organizes her stash and her workflow. 

Tell us about your scrap space?
I joke that I sleep in my scraproom. Which is pretty much true. It's basically my craft room with a bed and a dresser in it. It works out great for me because this is what I do. Sure I read books and like to be cozy in my room but I also really find enjoyment in crafting. Plus, it's kind of nice to scrap into the wee hours of the night, wearing jammies, and not having far to go when it's bed time.
I also did a blog post about my scrap space here.

How do you organize your stash? (tips, etc)
After a couple of years of collecting, I was finally able to complete my storage system. Every nook and cranny is used. I have Sterlite drawer holders for my small cardstock, photo paper, small canvas and other things. My patterned paper is organized by Manufacturer and then by collection. I have two bins for my punches. One is for border punches and the other is for regular punches. I purchased several 12x12 sized plastic folders that hold punch outs, chipboard sheets and large sticker sheets. Recently, I purchased a jewelry organizer for my embellishments. Not only is it great decor but it's also very convenient. I like color so the rest of my embellishments are organized by color. 

When do you usually scrap?
During the week I usually scrap in the evening. On the weekend it's whenever I'm home. There's something about staying up late though, watching Nick at Nite and scrapbooking. 

What's your process? Photos first? Story first? Product driven? Are you a fast or slow scrapper?
I begin with the story. Because I scrap from an emotion or thought, that's where it begins. Then, I choose product that can help symbolize the thought I want to convey and a then a photo. Sometimes, I do begin with a photo if it speaks to me.. or if it's from an event. I'd call myself a medium speed scrapper. Sometimes I'm slow, sometimes I'm fast. On average, it takes me about two hours to complete a layout. 

Do you listen to music? Eat? What kind of music? Favorite scrappy snacks?
I usually have Friends on. Ha! Love that show and it's noise. I like having noise in the background. I try not to eat when I scrap because I'm pretty clumsy but I always have an iced mocha. Love iced mochas. 
She made a card an altered canvas for us!

Do you have a go-to technique?
I like to layer. But I'm also a clean and simple gal with a linear focus. I recently found out that most of the layouts I love are horizontal in nature. I don't know if you want to call that a technique. I'm not really a "technique-y" person. But I do love to create my own embellishments using my Silhouette Cameo. 
A favorite photo of Melissa and her besties

Favorite food:  Bulgogi with rice and veggies (Korean beef dish)
Superhero power:
Fly (cheaper than buying plane tickets!)
Favorite color combo: Pink, green, blue, brown, yellow.... I love color!
Ultimate travel destination: Europe! Haven't been yet. Anyone want to donate to my plane ticket?
Perfect weekend:  A scrapbooking retreat by the ocean. 
Favorite Lily Bee line: All of them. Seriously. I LOVE Lily Bee!

Thanks to Melissa for being our guest this month! And thank you for coming by today. We hope to see you tomorrow!


Cindy March 27, 2012 at 5:07 AM  

i love your space, so comfy & cozy!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek March 27, 2012 at 6:38 AM  

Sounds like me!! LOL!! I have a huge walk in closet that stores all my stash and I use EVERY nook and cranny I have available! I loveeeeeee your space and that card is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Melissa Elsner March 27, 2012 at 9:22 AM  

Thanks everyone! That is actually an altered canvas... not a card. ;)

Patricia March 27, 2012 at 12:21 PM  

Love your space, Melissa. I think I just need a bed in mine. And the canvas is the whitewash and the flowers!

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