>> Sunday, November 21, 2010

I can't remember ever being so inspired by a brand before. Not just one product line, but all of them! I was looking through my stash of Lily Bee products and became totally inspired to create a project focused on all of the bonding we do over food. I don't think I ever really thought about how many pictures I have that are focused around food. Everyday moments and celebrations. A ton of pictures that really capture the moments of our lives!

I've been holding on to this photo carousel for a very long time not sure what to do with it. I decided this project was perfect for this because I could add do it as often as I want and display it proudly in our dinning room. I altered it with some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to fit my home decor better.

I went through all of my pictures that went with the theme of bonding over food and printed them out to 3x4 and then cut a bunch of Lily Bee papers to 4x6 and just started putting it all together. I didn't add a lot of details to the pages. I wanted this to be a quick project that I could update all the time with a simple picture and a memory. This project makes me happy and everyone is having so much fun watching it come together and reminiscing over the memories we've made.

These are some of my favorite pages so far...


Jill November 21, 2010 at 7:30 PM  

Super SWEET! Lily Bee is perfect for warm and homey pages.

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