New Beginnings: Get to Know Nicole Harper

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

1. Must Have Scrapbook Supply?
ledger/graph paper, alpha stickers

2. When & Why did you start scrapbooking?

1999, when my daughter was born. took a hiatus after a year or so, and came back to it in, had the hobby changed, lol!

3. Guilty Pleasures?
a hot bath after everyone goes to bed, a nice handbag or two and cheese.

4. Two things you want very badly at this moment?

a pair of earrings that i can wear with everything and more time at home.

5. 3 items that are in your purse?

Peppermint Lip Smacker by Bonne Bell (i haven't grown up yet, lol), tons of change floating around at the bottom instead of in my coin purse and a hand written note that Allie snuck in there when i was going out of town last year.

6. Favorite Scrapbook Technique/ or Style?

i've never met a piece of paper that couldn't be distressed, swiped with paint or torn. as for style, that one always trips me up. i guess if i had to put a name to it, i might say vintage-clean, lol?

7. When do you feel most creative?

at night...i never go to bed before midnight, even on work nights. if i do, i end up staring at the i get up and sit at my desk anyway.

8. Do you snack while you scrapbook? If so what?

nope...i'm clumsy. there would be all KINDS of stuff on my pages.

9. Do you have a scrapbook confession?

i have are like kryptonite to me, and i can't make a card to save my life.

10. Favorite Tv Shows?

i don't have one...i hardly ever watch tv because i'm usually on the dang computer, lol.

11. Jobs you've had?

clerk at a craft store, salesperson at The Gap (man, that was an awesome discount), lifeguard at the city pool and my current job/career...Surgical Assistant in Neurosurgery.

12. What are you listening to right now?

Sirius Hits 1 (satellite radio)...i love pop/hip-hop/top 40. i never have been very 'cool' when it comes to music...i've always been content with whatever is on the radio.


Cindy April 13, 2010 at 12:09 PM  

great layout, she is so pretty!

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