Bee Inspired: Design Team Mixup, Part One

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This week, as we all count our blessings, keep in mind that one of the many things that we all can be thankful for is inspiration. Aren't we all so lucky to be in the company of those who are bursting with creative and inspiring ideas?

One of the best compliments that one creative mind can share with another is that of the scraplift, a tribute of sorts that merges another's ideas with our own. Far from being an exact copy, a scraplift is more of a hybrid concept, resulting from the interplay of two people, two styles, two approaches. At least, this is what resulted when our design team members decided to mix things up and seek inspiration from each other, scraplifting and uplifting each other in the process.

Mixup #1: Katrina Huerta and Nicole Harper

"Sweet Girls"
by Katrina Huerta
(Lift of Nicole Harper)
"I was inspired by the overall design," Katrina says of Nicole's original layout, "Life Is a Test." She was particularly drawn to how Nicole "placed the papers, her title work, and the great photo." Katrina made the layout her own by flipping it sideways, tilting the title, incorporating a lovely Lily Bee flower, and putting it all together with her own playful and charming style.

by Nicole Harper
(Lift of Katrina Huerta)
When Nicole saw Katrina's layout, "Sweet and Sassy", in the Lily Bee Ning gallery, she initially was inspired by content of the page. "Her title and subject got me thinking about how my daughter can be both sweet and sassy as well, to each extreme," Nicole explains. In addition to the content, Nicole found herself loving the way that Katrina journaled around the page, and did the same on her page. Interestingly, like Katrina, Nicole also rotated the layout 90 degrees (great minds think alike, hmm?), and she made it her own by incorporating Nicole-esque details and additions like the brilliant misted and sewn heart.

Mixup #2: Jill Sprott and Stephanie Howell

"Sweet Thought"
by Jill Sprott
(Lift of Stephanie Howell)
"Beyond the hilarious photo, I love the colors and the design of this page," Jill says, explaining why Stephanie's page "Queen o' the Flip Out" stood out to her in the Lily Bee Ning gallery. Stephanie's use of the Vintage Poppy "Dainty" paper inspired Jill to use the same paper with a different approach -- cutting out hexagons from the paper and placing other Vintage Poppy patterns in the negative spaces. Jill also built on the design to make room for an additional photo.

"I Miss"
by Stephanie Howell
(Lift of Jill Sprott)
"I adore her style," Stephanie says of Jill, whose "Blooming" layout was the inspiration for "I Miss." "She is the queen of layering." Stephanie tried a similar approach with her layout, incorporating colorful modified squares and flowing flowery bits from the Vintage Poppy collection. Stephanie also added her trademark touches (such as her handwritten and heartfelt journaling) for a lovely, graceful, vintage feel.

We'll be back soon with another round of design team mixups.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, all!

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